It’s not always easy to find the right crate for your pet dog. You need something that’s not only comfortable but also durable enough to put up with an anxious, aggressive, or playful pup. Stainless steel dog crates are a popular choice with many dog owners because they’re designed to withstand years of heavy use and abuse. 

Why Use a Stainless Steel Dog Kennel?

Many owners crate-train to help reduce unwanted behaviors, prevent accidents, and protect their furniture. A cage crate can also make it easier and safer to transport dogs in the car, especially those that get nervous on the road. 


There are plenty of advantages to using a dog kennel made of stainless steel instead of plastic, wood, or canvas. It’s one of the most commonly found styles because of both its durability and versatility, and it’s a chew-proof material.

Almost all dogs would be hard-pressed to chew through stainless steel bars, even thinner varieties. Larger dogs won’t be able to break out through brute force, either. Steel crates hold up much better against chewing than both soft-sided canvas crates and plastic dog crates. Remember, however, that they also tend to be heavier and can be challenging to transport.


Stainless steel dog cages are also popular because they offer better ventilation than many other styles. The bars are designed to allow for maximum airflow, and by extension, maximum visibility. This style is a particularly good choice for dogs with long hair or those living in hot, humid environments. What’s more, a metal crate allows for easy cleaning. 

What to Look for in a Stainless Steel Crate

When looking for a pet crate, you’ll find endless options available through dog supplies merchants. It can be a challenge to pick out which playpen would be best for your dog. Fortunately, there are a couple of simple things that you can consider to help you narrow down your choices.


Perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to dog cages is the size. You should always make sure to find a dog house large enough for your dog, but not big enough to allow for excess movement. It’s best to choose something that’s a few inches taller than your pup sitting and a few inches longer than the distance from their nose to the base of their tail. The overall dimensions should allow you to fit a pet bed and pet products like water bowls in the cage.


A crate kennel that uses stainless steel is often heavier than they look, especially with your dog sitting inside. They can be difficult for a single person to maneuver around. If you plan on using your crate to take your dog in the car, you may want to look for something portable.

Crates with thinner bars tend to be lighter, as do those with removable features. You can also find some models with wheels and handles to make transportation easier. A stackable cage would be an excellent choice if you need to travel with more than one crate.


Most kennel cage designs for your pet dog feature a single or double door design. With a single door design, it’s easy to keep track of unruly pups, especially if they learn how to open locks. 

However, it also offers less accessibility for you as an owner. A dog cage with a double door design can make it easier to reach in and grab even excitable dogs. What’s more, it’s easier to bring pet supplies such as dog food and pet bowls in and out of the pet kennel without disturbing your pooch. 

Our Favorite Stainless Steel Dog Crates

These are the dog crates we recommend. These products have received excellent reviews and are available through Amazon.

Our Top Pick: Petmate ProValu Double Door Wire Dog Crate

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This steel wire dog crate from Amazon comes in various sizes, from 22-inch styles for smaller dogs to 48-inch options for large dogs. You can also choose between a single door option or a double door option for more accessibility.

There are two slide-bolt latches on each door to keep your pup safe and secure. If you plan to travel, a sturdy yet lightweight construction makes the crate easy to move. It’s also collapsible, so you can fold it flat when not in use for easy carrying and storage. This crate comes with a removable plastic pan and an optional divider for families with more than one dog. 

Runner Up: Luckup Heavy Duty Dog Crate

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This heavy-duty, 38-inch cage kennel is made for large dogs, with thick, robust bars that are resistant to heavy wear-and-tear. A nontoxic finish keeps your dog safe while also protecting the crate from corrosion. A double door design makes it easy to reach inside the crate, while two locks with added safety buckles ensure that your pup isn’t able to escape on its own.

The Luckup Heavy Duty Crate is also easy to transport despite its size, thanks to built-in wheels and swivel locking casters. The plastic tray underneath is easy to remove so that you can keep the crate clean without having to reach inside. You can purchase a slide-out replacement tray from the manufacturer if needed.

Best for Training: MidWest Homes for Pets Dog iCrate 

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This pet kennel from MidWest comes in sizes ranging from 18-inches for extra-small dogs to 48-inches for larger breeds. You can also find a single or double door design depending on your needs. Two slide-bolt latches keep each door closed.

The crate folds for easy transport and has roller feet instead of wheels to protect your floor as you move the assembly. A removable divider panel makes the crate versatile enough to use in multi-dog households or with growing puppies. 

Best Heavy-Duty Option: ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

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This ProSelect crate is made for medium to large dogs, with high-quality 20-gauge steel bards and reinforced 0.5-inch steel tubes. Removable casters make it easy to move around or keep in place as needed. A single door design makes it easy to keep your pup contained, while a removable tray lets you effortlessly clean the crate. You can lock the front door with thick steel latches to prevent even wily dogs from escaping.

The Best for Versatility: BestPet Dog Crate Cage for Large Dogs

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This crate is designed for versatility, with a design that’s easy to assemble and take down as needed. Because it folds away, it’s easy to store when not in use, either at home or in your car on the go.

The cage also includes four rolling casters and two wheel locks for both safe and simple transport. A lockable two-door design allows you to reach your pet either from the top or the front of the cage, with slide-bolt latches for added security, while a removable pan makes it easy to clean. The crate comes in three separate sizes ranging from 36 inches to 48 inches in length.


Our favorite crate is the ProSelect Empire Cage due to the overall quality and thickness along with long-lasting design.

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