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Did you know that most cages marketed to guinea pigs are way too small? Although smaller than cavies, guinea pigs are the largest of the rodent family kept as small pets. These social animals tend to have the same kind of cage as their small animal relatives, the gerbil, and the hamster. 

If you’re looking for the best guinea pig cage that is the right cage size for your pet habitat, we’ve got you covered. This article will help you find a guinea pig cage that is the appropriate size for your furry new pet. 

Why Is Size Important for a Guinea Pig’s Cage

Most small cages built for rodents have ample vertical space to increase living area but have limited living space. While roomy for a gerbil or hamster, it doesn’t quite cut it for a guinea pig. 

So what kind of cage is best for a guinea pig? The most suitable guinea pig habitat has extra-large floor space designed so they can run around their playpen. They like low ramps for variety, but these critters love open space to run and exercise

What size cage is best for a guinea pig? Ask any guinea pig owner, and they will tell you that guinea pigs need a large cage. Here are some suggestions for your piggies’ living world. 

One to Two Guinea Pigs

The recommended cage size for a single guinea pig or two guinea pigs is 7.5 square feet minimum. The optimum dimensions for two guinea pigs would be 10.5 square feet. 

Three Guinea Pigs

If you have more than two guinea pigs, you shouldn’t have a cage smaller than 10.5 square feet. The preferred dimensions for three guinea pigs would be up to 13 square feet. 

Four Guinea Pigs

The guinea habitat for four piggies should be no less than 13 square feet. If you have more than four piggies, you’ll want to consider using two larger cages for comfort. 

What Should You Have in Your Guinea Pig Cage?

Once you have determined the right size cage, you should consider what to keep in your guinea pig habitat. 

Here are a few essentials that every suitable guinea pig habitat should have: 

You can find most of these at your local pet store. Sometimes, you can even find guinea pig starter kits to make this process even easier. 

Types of Cages

When it comes to the types of cages for your guinea habitat, you have two options. There are readymade cages or custom cages. Neither is better than the other. It’s up to personal preference and what is best for your family. 

Readymade Cages

You can find most of these readymade cages online through Amazon or other online retailers or your local pet store. Here are a few that we recommend. 

Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat or Guinea Habitat Plus

What makes this large cage unique is that it has a durable, leak-proof PVC lined canvas bottom. This feature makes it an excellent choice for people who travel. The canvas bottom is washable and removable, making this an excellent choice for guinea pigs susceptible to bumblefoot or impaction. It comes with 8 square feet of space for your piggie.

The cage is stiffer than most other brands, making it durable. The plus model comes with a divider to separate guinea pigs if needed, and a cover for the gate. It is available on Amazon. 

Ferplast Krolik 160 Rabbit Cage & Guinea Pig Cage Extra-Large

This extra-large cage is excellent for up to three guinea pigs. It comes equipped with two hay feeders, two water bottles, a food bowl, and an elevated area. It has a deep, plastic bottom that is removable for easy cleaning. The cage has dividers with plenty of room for your piggies and a wire mesh cage roof. This cage is available on Amazon and other online retailers. 

Tubbies Cage PR525 (a Prevue Pet Product)

The Tubbies cage is an excellent cage for two guinea pigs. It comes with a plastic bottom secured by plastic clips. The cage has a wire mesh top. It comes with one top door and one front door. This cage is simple yet effective and is available on Amazon and other retailers. 

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Available in standard, large, and extra-large sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect size for your furry friends. It comes with a water bottle, spill-proof food bowl, hay feeder, hideout with balcony, and wire mesh cage. It has a plastic bottom that is leak-proof and easy to wash. It has a front door and two hinged roof doors. Although pricier than other guinea pig cages, it comes with all that you’ll need except for bedding and food. 

Other Readymade Options

There are a few other companies with good reputations, such as Kaytee. If you’re looking for a more stylish furniture-type of home for your new pet guinea pig, you could also go with a hutch. A hutch makes a great indoor or outdoor option for your new pet and offers tons of open space. 

Custom Cages

If you’re looking for something that you can customize for your new pet guinea pigs, there are some excellent custom cage options. 

Cubes and Coroplast C&C Cages

Customizable and less expensive than other cages, C&C cages offer you the freedom to design your guinea pig’s cage the way you want. It is an excellent option for the guinea pig owner who has three or more guinea pigs. Easy to assemble, take apart, and adjust, you can create a new structure when your guinea pigs seem bored with the set-up. You can even make a hutch style cage with multiple layers.

The Choice Is Yours

What size cage is best for a guinea pig? When it comes to finding the best guinea pig cage, it comes down to choice. Only you know what will work in your home, your family, and your furry new pet. We hope our recommendations helped you find the best guinea pig cage for your family!