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If you have an indoor rabbit, the best way to keep both your pet and your furniture safe is by using a metal rabbit cage. Your rabbit will be happy in a secure and comfortable environment, while you can rest easy knowing your furry friend isn’t wreaking havoc on the rest of the house.

Why Buy a Metal Cage for Rabbits?

Rabbits are fairly fragile creatures, and leaving them to their own devices can be dangerous. It’s best to keep your rabbit in a cage, whether it lives indoors or outdoors. Doing so will protect them from wind and weather, predators, parasites, and other threats.

Caging your rabbit also protects your home from gnawing teeth, and if you have an outdoor rabbit, your property. Additionally, a bunny cage tends to be more portable than rabbit hutches and rabbit houses. There are many benefits to choosing a heavy-duty metal cage for your pet rabbit instead of opting for an indoor rabbit cage with a plastic bottom. 


It’s no secret that rabbits love to chew, and it’s nearly impossible to stop them from doing so. Metal cages for rabbits are ideal because no matter how hard your rabbit tries, it won’t be able to work its way through the bars and escape. You won’t have to worry about claw marks from rabbit’s feet if you opt for a cage with wire floors. You should look for a pet house with a scratch-resistant, nontoxic coating to keep your rabbit safe. 


As any rabbit owner knows, bunnies can be active when they’re in an excitable mood. Bouncing around the cage can knock weak or lightweight cages over, potentially causing damage to the cage, harming your rabbit, or even accidentally setting it free.

Metal or steel cages for rabbits offer a sturdy design won’t tip over even when your rabbit is feeling bouncy. We recommend choosing a cage suitable for outdoor use or letting your bunny lose in an enclosed area like a chicken coop so they can release their energy.

Things to Look for in a Metal Rabbit Cage

No matter what type of rabbit you have, there are a couple of things to consider when looking at cages and kennels. You need to think about both your needs and your pet’s needs to find something that your rabbit can call home sweet home. 


Your cage should be big enough to comfortably fit your rabbit with plenty of room to hop around. Large breeds such as Flemish Giants will often need an oversized cage so that they don’t feel overly cramped. If you don’t have a lot of floor space, you can find multi-level cages that offer additional space for your bunny to play, including ramps and platforms, or extend your rabbit’s cage with a DIY project.


One of the main benefits of pet cages above hutches is that you can carry them around. This makes it easy to move your rabbit from room to room with you or take them to the vet when needed. Many cages offer features such as handles or wheels to make them easy to move. Some are even collapsible to provide a simple storage solution. 


All rabbits need some additional touches to their cage for comfort, such as a food dish, a water bottle, a hay manager, and a removable bottom pan for cleanliness since your pet will use their cage both as a play area and litter box. Some options come with these features either built-in or included as a set, whereas some require you to purchase a few additional accessories separately. 

Our Favorite Metal Cages for Rabbits

Here are the top five cages we recommend. These products are sturdy, durable, and are available through Amazon.

Our Top Pick: MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit

This cage from MidWest is built for your bunny’s comfort, with plenty of room to hop around thanks to a ramp and elevated feeding platform. It offers full side access as well as a convenient top hatch, and all doors have tight-locking latches to keep your pet from accidentally escaping. 

The cage comes with a few essentials, including a hay feeder, a bowl, and a water bottle. If your rabbit needs a little bit of extra space, or if you have more than one pet, you can purchase a wooden rabbit hut extension.

Runner Up: Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

The cage boasts both a top and front door for easy access, giving you plenty of contact with your furry friend. There are special sliding latches on both doors to keep your pet safe. The double door design, along with a slide-out plastic pan and a wire mesh floor, make the cage easy to clean. There’s also a urine guard to help protect the area around the cage. You can choose between a 25-inch and a 37-inch enclosure depending on the size of your rabbit. 

The Best Multi-Level Cage: Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

If you’re looking for a cage with plenty of vertical space, this multi-level option from Midwest offers plenty of room for critters such as rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and smaller animals like gerbils and hamsters. The bars feature a half-inch spacing that’s small enough to be secure, but enough of a gap to allow for easy climbing.

This cage also features ramp covers for added comfort and full-width double doors for easy access. Caster wheels allow you to move the whole assembly as needed without startling its occupants.  

The Best Cage for Small Rabbits: Kaytee My First Home Deluxe

The Kaytee My First Home Deluxe is a simple multi-level animal cage for pets such as rabbits. It can also function as a guinea pig cage, a ferret cage, or a living space for other small pets.

It features a deep and durable plastic base with caster wheels for easy transportation, and a metal wire cage with chew proof latches. The cage comes multiple levels for extra space that are connected by ramps, slides, and tubes to keep your bunny entertained.

The Best Large Rabbit Cage: Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage

This extra large rabbit cage from Ferplast Krolik is ideal for breeds that need plenty of space to move and exercise, or for owners with two bunnies. The design includes a separate wire extension to add more space to the cage or create two separate playpens.

The enclosure boasts multiple doors for easy access and a deep plastic base. It also comes with two water bottles and two hay guards, a large feeding bowl, and an elevated feeding platform.


While there are countless metal cages for rabbits to choose from, our favorite is the MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit for its versatility. You can order this cage on Amazon, and it’s comfortable, secure, and can house just about any size house rabbit.